Api governance (APIdays Mediterránea)

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Transcript of Api governance (APIdays Mediterránea)

20meetups716api addicts16.000 visualizations


Since two years ago we are speaking about apis under 360 vision. We have done 20 meetups, we have more than 16000 visualizations and we have 716 api addicts

/[email protected] { name:Marco Antonio Sanz, positions: [ CEO at CloudAppi , CEO at LeadGods, Api Envangelist at ApiAddicts, Teacher at ufv ] }

Who am i?


IntroductionThe vertical applications have the front end and the back end in the same location. The front end speaks with the back end using objects.What vertical application means?

IntroductionIn company there can be a lot of applications deployed into the organization. You can have applications for human resources, sellers, buyers...How many applications can be in the company ?

IntroductionSometimes it uses files, the other times it uses apis, soap this is a not efficient!!!How the communication between us work?

IntroductionAnd, all is more complicated if you expose information to other organizations

API GovernanceDefine resourcesVersioning policySecurity policyDefine the standard to define the apisDefine the standard to deploy the apisDocumentationMonitorizationTestingBillingEnvironmentGeneral considerations

API GovernanceDefine objects and their attributes into organization:Userdata: {name:Manolo,edad:12}Define the resources

API GovernanceVersioning

Url versioningGET XXX/ejemplo/v1.0/users/

Header versioningAccept: application/vnd.company.myapp-v3+json Content-Type: application/vnd.company.myapp-v3+jsonWhen the version of api should be changed?How to deal with breaking backwards compatibility?

API GovernanceApi Manager? Authentication 2 / 3 2 => applications3 => final usersdo you implemented a personal system authentication or do you use a standard? Security into the apis. do you control information?scopesResources and methods Securityhttp://www.slideshare.net/MarcoAntonioSanzMoli/seguridad-en-las-apis

Restful?? level of achievement?HTTP error codesFormat of entry parametersSpecial entry parametersInput/Output formatHTTP VerbsPagingURL levelsHypermediaGranularity of servicesStandard definitionhttp://www.slideshare.net/MarcoAntonioSanzMoli/taller-definicin-de-apis

API Governance

API Governanceframeworks? Spring data rest / hateoas (java)restify / express (node.js)SDK: For what languages? Development philosophy of SDKShould we start some code generator?

Standard developmenthttp://www.slideshare.net/MarcoAntonioSanzMoli/taller-desarrollo-de-apis

API GovernanceDocumentation formatDocHTMLRAML / SwaggerWhere do we leave the documentation for developers? Present version / previous versions - who manages the update documentation?


API GovernanceStatistics of useNumber of requests per appNumber of requests per user (if its possible)Number of requests per resource Number of requests per developerNumber of requests per http code response Alerts


API Governance

Integrations tests.Do you develop your integration tests?Do you use external tools to implement tests?Do you go to automatize tests? Jenkins / jmeter / soapui / postmanwhat can i test?DataHttp code responseTesting

API GovernancePayment methodsApi Managers can help meBilling modelRequestsServicesData (Scopes?)Can you afford to pay a developer for using your



API GovernancePre-productionReal data?Generated data?ProductionSupportSandbox?Environmentshttp://www.slideshare.net/MarcoAntonioSanzMoli/las-apis-como-modelo-de-negocio

API GovernanceStepsDefinition Fake?DevelopeTesting / validationImplementationObsolescenceMethodologyhttp://www.slideshare.net/MarcoAntonioSanzMoli/mada-metodologa-gil-de-desarrollo-de-ap-is-37095756

API GovernanceCreate and manage consumer apis Get api access keyTesting api toolsDocumentation / samples / SDKsMonitoringPaymentStatistics

Developer centerThere is an application for developers. Some features

Any questions?

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