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    ADempiereOpen Source CommunityERP/CRM/SCM/MRP


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    ADempiere WarehouseManagement Given the speedand global nature of businesstoday, it is essential to movebeyond the four walls of thewarehouseand share real-time executioninformation with production,fulfillment, and logistics. This iskey to creating supply chain

    value from concept (product andnetwork design) to customer(delivery of the perfect order).Companies that can make thismove successfully are in a betterposition to improve profitability,competitiveness, and growth ...and be more enterprising.

    ADempiere WarehouseManagement

    Adempiere warehoumanagement solutio

    Do business better.

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    Adempiere Warehouse Management

    Leverage experience.

    With hundreds of implementations in over 40 countries,

    translated into many languages, Adempiere SCM Warehouse

    Management is a set of proven, customer-driven solutionsthat meet the full range of your supply chain execution

    needs. Inside the warehouse, it delivers the best

    functionality available for achieving operational excellence.

    Outside the warehouse, it creates value by extending

    warehousing capabilities and expanding your ROI. Built on

    ADempiere, a service-oriented architecture that

    accommodates constant, but unavoidable changes in

    business practices, Warehouse Management allows you to

    turn change into opportunity. Youre never locked intoexisting releases that are difficult to upgrade or limited by

    system capabilities that cant support customers needs.

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    Gain agreement on the problem to resolve

    The problem that needs be to resolved is:

    * A Picking Process Issue

    * A Packing Process Issue

    * A Shipment Process Issue* Excess Inventory Problem

    * Waste of time used to search for products within a warehouse

    * Lack of planning route for picking process

    * Having to enter transaction data manually

    Define the scope of the solution

    The objectives to reach within the first milestone of the project are:

    * Create and Processing the Shipment

    * Picking Management

    * Packing Management

    * Allocation Material Management* Scanner Barcode Automatization outbound process

    Second stage

    * Travel Sequences

    * Putaway Management

    * Quick Material receipt

    * Complex Rules to Picking and Putaway process

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    Storage confgurabilityTake advantage of user congurable and automaticallyrecommend storage locations in order to optimize storage

    capacity and adhere to product handling requirements. Supportvariety of storage location types with congurablecharacteristics.

    Picking accuracy and time liness

    Following wave planning, make released picks available tooperators who can then pick orders quickly, without errors,

    following the most efcient work path. Use more space, keepaccurate inventory records, utilize your personnel andintegrated docks faster. Voice directed, RF directed, RF assisted,label, list, cluster, and batch picking are supported.

    ADempiere WarehouseManagement

    Receiving exibility and accuracy

    Automate and accelerate your receiving processes by clearlyidentifying inventory and improving tracking capabilities.Support receiving material with or without inbound orders,advanced shipment notices (ASNs), or pre-assignedtag/container ID labels. Utilize workstation-based data entryand/or radio f requency (RF) receiving methods.

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    ADempiere WarehouseManagement


    Use system-directed or assisted packing to support user-congurable container types including cartons, pallets,containers larger than pallets, and others with a variety ofattributes including inner and outer dimensions (height,width, length, and weight), maximum product weight for acontainer, and minimum/maximum ll percentageparameters. RF functions facilitate the manipulation of

    product and containers allowing the nal packed shippableunit to be accurately reected in the system.

    Shipping control and exibility

    Monitor shipments from the moment they reach the dockdoor. Load contents directly onto a trailer or load in route(stop sequence) and in forward or reverse order. Consolidate

    cartons on pallets before loading and crate a carton, pallet,and trailer manifest for each load. Issue a nal release, andcoordinate proper outbound paperwork such as containerpack list, master pack list, bill or lading, and manifests.


    Inventory Control

    and Cycle Countingaccuracy

    Know what, where, and how much inventory is inyourwarehouse using cycle counting to regularly maintain themost accurate portrait of your inventory levels. Control theprocess of cycle counting with automatic cycle count byarea and item, automatic trigger level cycle counts, anddiscrepancy cycle counts.

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    Get business specifc

    Adempiere warehouse management solution optimizes operation or a broadrange o retail, distribution, and manuacturing-intensive companies includingretailers, wholesalers, grocers, third party logistics providers 3 Pls, publicwarehouse, industrial distributors, as well as makers o consumer packaged

    goods CPG, ood and beverage, aerospace and deense, and pharmaceuticalproducts. It is an integral part are designed to help you exceed conventionalsupply chain expectations.

    Drive operational efficiency inside the warehouse.

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    Process Warehouse Managment

    Area Type

    The Warehouse Area Type Tab defines different Warehouse Area used for different purpose in a


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    Warehouse Section TypeThe Warehouse Section Type also defines the Warehouse Section for Inbound or Outbound

    Operations* Picking Section (Outbound)

    * Putaway Section (Inbound)

    Warehouse Structure

    In order to Implement the Warehouse Management functionality you need to configure a logical

    mapping of your warehouse that accurately matches its physical layout. Warehouses are usually

    subdivided into Areas, Sections and Locations, therefore it has the ability to handle multiple

    warehouse areas and each can be further divided into different sections as well.

    Finally, warehouse sections can be grouped into different locations and section types.

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    Warehouse Area

    A Warehouse Area represents a physical area within the warehouse space, therefore it is required to

    have at least one to implement the Warehouse Management System.

    Warehouse Section

    A Warehouse Section represents another physical warehouse area even more specific than the

    Warehouse Area itself, therefore it is required to have at least one warehouse section within a

    warehouse area, furthermore a Warehouse Section is used for grouping several locations.

  • 7/28/2019 Folleto Almacen


    Inbount/Outbound Rule

    The Inbound(Putaway) and Outbound(Picking) Rules define the business logic according to a

    previously implemented algorithm, these rules are used by the Inbound(Putaway) and

    Outbound(Picking) Strategy to determine the business logic and the operation type within the


    The Inbound(Putaway) and Outbound(Picking) Rules Tab allows to define an algorithm to use in the

    Inbound(Putaway) and Outbound(Picking) Strategy and also determine the operation type within the


    Inbound/Outbound Strategy

    The Inbound(Putaway) and Outbound(Picking) Strategy allows to define several rules and theirsequences as to how they are to be applied in order to get the right locations to be used in the

    warehouse operation, thus allowing you to define your own Inbound(Putaway) and Outbound(Picking)

    strategies for the material.

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    Inbound/Outbound Defnition

    It allows to define a set of conditions in order to implement a Picking and Putaway strategy using

    different criteria such as product, product category, product group 1, product group 2, product

    classification, business partner, business partner group, Warehouse Area Type, Warehouse Section

    Type and Warehouse Location.

    The Picking and Putaway definition tab allows to define a set of conditions in order to select the

    Picking and Putaway Strategy from a given sequence ordered by priority.

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    The sequence tab allows to set the order of priority for the Picking and Putaway Strategy

    Outbound Operation

    Generare Outbound Document or Picking Task

    This process allows to generate a new document as the result of gathering Sales Orders, Manufacture

    Orders, Distribution Orders, based on several criteria such as Warehouse, Order, Document Type,

    Promised Date range, Ordered Dates, Business Partner, Country, Zip Code, Product and Shipper,

    these parameters can be configured leveraging the Smart Browse artifact.

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    ADempiereOpen Source Community


    Adempiere WarehouseManagement

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    Whatever your industry, Warehouse

    Management helps you improveprofitability, competitiveness, and

    growth by moving beyond efficiencyinside the warehouse to creatingvalue across your entire demand and

    supply chainfrom concept tocustomer. If your existing warehouse

    management solution is notresponding to the needs of yourbusiness, your business and

    fulfillment model has changed, yourlegacy platform is becoming obsolete

    and difficult to maintain, or youroverallsupply chain initiatives require moreadvanced support, now is the time to

    take a more enterprising view of yourwarehouse and supply chain. Because

    Warehouse Management is built onADempire, it can provide you with

    increasingly greater agility at thelowest total cost of ownership.