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Transcript of #Linkedin Presentation - Aviral Chitkara - 621


Aviral ChitkaraEmployee Code- 621 #Linked A Professional Social Media Platform

Whats LinkedInThe worlds largest professional networking site

One of the most important tools employers use to find new employees

Provides an easy way to promote yourself and build your network

Allows you to easily collect information on companies you want to work for and prepare for your interviews

Allows you to find people, like you, and connect with them through the system without needing their email address

Why to use LinkedIn

For Corporate A common platform to connect all employees Showcase page to display you services or products Company page to share your important updates and content

For Professionals- Connect with your present and ex-colleagues, batch mates and professionalsBuild your online presence for personal brand management

Important featuresProfile ConnectionsInterestsJobs find the resourceBusiness Service

ProfileProfile summaryUse links to attach documents and websitesTag linePast work experience with descriptionEducation, Certifications, Skill setsInterest AreaContact Information

ConnectionBest practice to interact with customersEndorsementRecommendationsManage connection Export & ImportL.I.O.N (LinkedIn Open Networker)Follow Influencers, News, Companies, Universities, Pulse

InterestLinkedIn PulseGroupsCompany pagesOnline LearningEducationSlide share

Business ServicesLinkedIn Sales NavigatorPost a JobTalent solutionAdvertise

LinkedIn Analytics reportProfile views and rankingBlogs and Post View Stats

Best Practices for Effective UseShare Updates ( min 3-4 in a month)PostParticipate in discussion forum and GroupsSEO through PPC on LinkedIn by using Industry keywordsEngage with connection via Birthday wishes, Work anniversary, new JobAsk for recommendationsInclude your skill setsPersonalize your connection request

The hidden mysteryDirect message to common group member without having in-mailsLinkedIn Sales NavigatorCustomized URL for profileUnlocking connection limits via help centreReminder for connections Profile Badges - www.linkedin.com/profile/profile-badges?goback=Resume builder toolsShare your LinkedIn status updates on Twitter

Do & Dont of LinkedIn

Dont send Sales pitch just after connectingLinkedIn Vs Facebook Vs TwitterDont share personal stuff but share corporate stuffBe identifiableAnalysis your performance of shared post and updatesTarget your prospects