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Digital Strategy Jordan Ann Segasser

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Digital StrategyJordan Ann Segasser

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• Expand the use of social media such as blog and Instagram•Create a search engine optimized

brand•Measure effectiveness using CPM•Update online content to increase


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Social Media• Create a blog environment• Transform Instagram to a

more shop-able muse site

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• Try to cut down on number of tabs to create a simpler


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Search Engine Optimized


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YouTube Muse

• YouTube muse blog to show product and inspiration like The Lo Down

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High Fashion Muse

• Create an everyday muse to embody the brand like @oscarprgirl

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Muse Blog & Inspiration

• Create a muse inspiration blog & YouTube site like Cupcakes and Cashmere to post all things Louis Vuitton

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• Follow CPM on Instagram, monitor blog traffic & referral traffic• 500 visits a day in first month, 1,000 in second• Increase referral by 20% in first quarter• Increase e-mail database to 5,000 contacts in

first 6 months

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Budgeting Blog• $150 per post

• Research & time pay• Estimate $500 a week• $6,000 in first quarter

• If you reach CPM & following goal increase to $10,000 in second quarter