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  • 8/12/2019 Nasrin Apu


    An I nternship Report on General Banking


    Prime Bank Cour t Road Branch

    Submitted to:

    S. M. Saief Uddin AhmedSenior Lecturer

    Department of Business Administration

    Sylhet International University

    Submitted by:

    Nasrin Aktar

    Roll: BA 16019, BBA (Finance)

    Department of Business Administration

    Sylhet International University

    Submission date: 28.07.2013

  • 8/12/2019 Nasrin Apu


    Table of Content

    Submission Letter ***Certificate of the Supervisor ***

    Certificate of the Bank Manager ***INTRODUCTION


    Executive Summary


    Origin of the study

    Objective of the study


    MethodologyLimitation of the study


    Background of the Prime Bank Court Road Branch

    Court Road Branch at a glance

    Vision, Mission & Objective

    Financial Highlight of Court Road Branch


    Front Desk activities

    Accounts Opening department

    Pay Slip Issue

    Despatch Section

    Account Closing Section








  • 8/12/2019 Nasrin Apu


    Letter of Submittal


    July 2013

    S.M. Saief Uddin Ahmed

    Senior Lecturer

    Department of Business Administration

    Sylhet International University

    Subject: Submission of BBA Internship Report

    Dear Sir,

    It is my pleasure to submit my internship report on General Banking of Prime Bank, Court Road

    Branch, Moulvibazar.

    To submit this report I have tried my best to gather information from on the job training and from

    secondary sources. The preparation of this report enabled me to a great extent to complete my

    theoretical knowledge with practical analysis.

    Besides this, Time to time discussion with you helped me a lot to find out the right way to proceeded.

    Thanks a lot for your heartiest co-operation.


    --------------------(Nasrin Aktar)

  • 8/12/2019 Nasrin Apu


    Letter of certificate

    Date: 28.07.2013

    I am immensely pleased to declare that Nasrin aktar, a student of the department of Business

    Administration of this university, bearing ID 16019, has completed the assigned task of writing an

    internship report on General banking of Prime Bank, Court Road Branch Moulvibazar fruitfully.

    During the stipulated period of time of internship period, she has done many works practically in the

    bank and also reviewed different literature related to banking as well as browsed much information. And

    eventually, she prepared this report, giving insight into many aspects of the topic ins and out.

    Last but not least, it is worthy to mention that the works done during the preparation of this report will

    help her to take part other types of reporting activities. Now I allow her to defend the report before the

    panel of experts.

    I wish every success in her future endeavor.

    (S.M Saief Uddin Ahmed)

    Senior Lecturer and Internship supervisor

    Department of Business Administration

    Sylhet International University

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  • 8/12/2019 Nasrin Apu



    In the process of preparing this report I received genuine cooperation from number of individuals. I

    would remember them with my heartfelt appreciation and gratitude.

    First of all my special gratitude goes to my faculty instructor, S.M. Saief Uddin Ahmed for his

    cooperation and the time to guide my efforts with helpful hints and useful advice all along the

    preparation of this report.

    I would like to thank Md. Abdul Latif, Head of the department of Business Administration, Sylhet

    International University, Who helped me a lot in writing this report.

    I am very much grateful to Md. Nazrul Islam who is the asst. vice president & the head of Court Road

    Moulvibazar Branch for provide me a chance to work such a reputed bank.

    I would specially like to thanks executives of PBL who extended their wholehearted cooperation during

    my internship period. I did not learn only professional insight but also I learned how to work in pressure,

    how to have patience in hurdles, how to behave with the seniors & how to help the juniors.

    At the end I would like to convey my thanks to all the teachers of my department, from whom I learned

    throughout the years, which help me to build my career.

    I have so far tried my best to present the paper according to the instructing of my honorable teacher. The

    limitation was availability of reference book on the related topic and time. However with all limitation I

    have tried to quote the information in the approved manner by my best effort. But still there might be

    mistake. I urge to my admirable course teacher to see the faults in exonerate-eye.

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    Executive Summary

    Economic history shows that development has started everywhere with the banking system and itscontribution towards financial development of a country is highest in the initial stage Modem banks play

    an important part in promoting economic development of a country. Bank provides necessary funds for

    executing various programmers underway in the process Of economic development. They collect

    savings of large massages of people scattered throughout the country, which in the absence of the banks

    would have remained ideal and unproductive. These scattered amounts are collected, pooled together

    and made available to commerce an. industry for meeting the requirements.

    As a fully licensed commercial bank, Prime Bank is being managed by a highly professional and

    dedicated team with long experience in banking. They constantly focus on understanding and

    anticipating customer needs. As the banking scenario undergoes changes so is the bank and it

    repositions itself in the changed market condition.

    Prime Bank has already made significant progress within a very short period of its existence. The bank

    has been graded as a top class bank in the country through internationally accepted CAMELS rating.

    The bank has already occupied an enviable position among its competitors after achieving success inall areas of business operation.PBL offer all kinds of commercial corporate & personal banking service

    covering all segments of society within the framework of banking company act rules &regulations laid

    down by our central bank.

    Modern banking system plays a vital role for a nations economic development. Over the last few years

    the banking world has been undergoing a lot of changes due to deregulation, technological innovations,

    globalization etc. These changes in the banking system also brought revolutionary changes in a

    countrys economy. In the backdrop of economic liberalization and financial sector reforms, a group of

    highly successful local entrepreneurs conceived an idea of floating a commercial bank with different

    outlook. For them, it was competence, excellence and consistent delivery of reliable service with

    superior value products. Accordingly, Prime Bank Ltd. was created and commencement of business

    started on 17th April 1995.

  • 8/12/2019 Nasrin Apu


    The purpose of Banking is to ensure transfer of money from surplus unit to deficit units. Banks in all

    countries work as the repository of money. The owners look for safety and amount of interest for their

    deposits with Banks. Entrepreneurs try to obtain money from the banks as working capital and for long

    term investment. Banking sector thus owe a great deal to the deposit holders on the one hand and the

    entrepreneurs on the other.

    Prime Bank Ltd. is able to remain competitive and enjoyed continued growth, which in some extent

    depends on financial sector reforms of the government. Prime Bank Ltd. is in complete agreement with

    Bangladesh Banks plans to review and thoroughly assess the financial sector and set the future

    framework for the industry. This Bank always stays tuned to the realities of rapidly changing markets.

    Management of PBL strongly believes that this bank will grow and prosper in the days to come.

    Banking sector is expanding its hand in different financial events every day. At the same time the

    banking process faster, easier and the banking arena is becoming wider. As the demand for better service

    increases day by day, they are coming with different innovative ideas and products. In order to survive

    in the competitive field of the banking sector, all banking organizations are looking for better service

    opportunities to provide their fellow clients. As a result it has become essential for every person to have

    some idea on the bank and banking procedure.

    The bank has consistently turned over good returns on Asset and capital. Its capital base is as strong as

    its profit is high, not only this capital adequacy ratio 12.64% (Taka in million). Its last year net profit

    after taxation was Tk 2699 (Taka in million).And retained Profit was Tk 240 (Taka in million). Literally

    this bank is growing day by day.

    Prime bank is listed with promoter shareholders collectively holding a 46% stake in the bank. One of the

    main reasons for the bank good financial condition is that the bank promoters, who have other business

    interest as well, have refrained from using the bank for insider landing. This is a huge issue for

    Bangladeshi private banks and together with somewhat tax supervision, is the single biggest factor for

    the poor financial condition of most private banks. Prime Bank Limited its steady progress and

    continuous success has earned and the reputation of being one of the leading private of the country.

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    Introductory Part

  • 8/12/2019 Nasrin Apu


    Origin of the Study

    An internship program helps the student of BBA to come out from such debate, because BBA degree

    entails internship program in which students work in an institution practically before they enter into the

    job market. This report is originated having three months long internship program originated after

    completing the BBA program .It also related learning experience for individuals who wish to develop

    hands on work experience in a certain occupational field. I am lucky that I have got chance to work on

    General Banking Operation in PBL at Court Road Branch. During my internship period, I was

    working in different desk .I really enjoyed working in one of the most powerful and renowned Bank. My

    Internship experience gave me a good exposure about the real life banking system in Bangladesh. This

    opportunity taught me the corporate culture at work place.

    Objective of the report

    In this report, I tried to furnish all sorts of practical dealings that are conducted in case of handling

    various types of activities in general banking. Objective of this report can be summarized as follows:

    To know deeply about general banking procedure and examine banks performance ingeneral banking activities.

    To specify some findings on given topic and to reveal some recommendation for betterperformance in general banking.

    Scope of the Report

    A bank has different products, different services and different customers. Different departments of a

    bank perform different activities. I have completed my research by collecting all the information from

    my branch where I am worked to complete my internship. However, the scope of present study was

    limited in a specific area of an organization Prime Bank Limited, Court Road Moulvibazar Branch. So

    this study says only about the activities of this branch.

  • 8/12/2019 Nasrin Apu


    Methodology of the study

    Exploratory research method is used in writing this report. This type of research is meaningful in any

    situation in which the researcher does not have enough understanding to proceed with the research

    project. Both primary and secondary data is used to prepare this report. The details of these sources are

    highlighted in the following.

    The primary source consists mainly of personal observation during the attachment period, practical

    work experience in different desk of the bank, face-to-face conversation with the respective clients.

    Secondary information came mainly from websites, annual report of the Prime Bank Limited, Annual

    report of Court Road Branch, various book articles regarding general banking.


    The major limitations of this report are as follows:

    Large-scale research was not possible due to time constraints. Relevant date and document collection were difficult due to the organization confidentiality. Non availability of data in a systematic way. Availability of the reference book is another limitation. Court Road Branch is very busy branch. In this branch employees get very little time to teach

    theoretical knowledge to the trainee.

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    Prime Bank,Court Road


  • 8/12/2019 Nasrin Apu


    Background of the Court Road Branch

    Prime Bank Court Road Branch (CRB) starts its work in 18th

    December 1995. As a fully licensed

    commercial bank, CRB is being managed by a highly professional and dedicated team with long

    experience in banking. They constantly focus on understanding and anticipating customer needs. As

    the banking scenario undergoes changes so is the bank and it repositions itself in the changed market


    Court Road Branch has already made significant progress within a very short period of its existence.

    The bank has already occupied an enviable position among its competitors after achieving success in

    all areas of business operation. PBL, CRB offer all kinds of commercial corporate and personal

    banking service covering all segments of society within the framework of banking company act rules

    and regulations laid down by our central bank.

    High quality customer service through competent workforce remained uppermost in Prime Bank Court

    Road Branch thinking action plan. Integration of technology in business functions is an important

    strategy for PBL (Prime Bank Ltd.) to seize opportunities and provide value-added service to the


    Management of CRB has put in place necessary business initiatives, which are to ensure success as

    Prime Bank Ltd. moves towards the new millennium. Its guiding principles are rendering of service to

    customers more efficiently and effectively than other competitors and concentrating on core business

    and building on our strengths. Customer services of PBL, CRB are acknowledged to be one of the best

    in the industry and for this high quality Prime Bank Ltd. is rated as a top-performing bank.

    Core values:

    For customers To become most caring bank by providing the most courteous and efficient

    service in every area of our business.

    For employees Promoting being of the members of the staffs.

    For shareholders To ensure fair return on their investment through generating stable profit.

    For community Assume its roles as socially responsible corporate entity in a tangible manner

    through close adherence to national policies and objectives.
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    Retail Banking:

    As a part of risk diversification strategy PBL, CRB expended the lending activities in this sector. The

    growth rate of CRBs consumer financing was increase day by day. The loan schemes offered by the

    bank include Home Loan, Loan against Salary, Marriage Loan, Car Loan, Hospitalization Loan,

    Education Loan, Doctors Loan, Travel Loan etc.

    General Loan scheme (CCS):

    The limited group of people can rise their standard of living by accruing domestic durable product,

    Example- TV, Freeze, Computer, Motor vehicle etc. The monthly installment does not exceed 50% of

    the disposable income of the customer. General the time period of CCS loans are two years.

    Small & Medium Enterprise:PBL, CRB provide credit facilities to small and medium size entrepreneurs located in the urban and sub

    urban areas to encourage new and educated young entrepreneurs to undertake productive venture. The

    loan ceiling is taka 2.5 lac for small enterprise and taka 75 lac for medium enterprise.

    Deposit Product:

    Bank is the largest mobilize of surplus domestic savings. For poverty alleviation we need self

    employment, for self employment we need investment and for investment we need saving. The more the

    growth of saving the more will be the prosperity of the nation. CRB offer some attractive deposit

    product. Those are:

    Saving Account Current Account

    Short Term Account Fixed Deposit

    Deposit under Scheme:

    Double Benefit Deposit Scheme Monthly Benefit deposit Scheme House Bulding Deposit Scheme Education Saving Scheme

    Lakhpoti Deposit Scheme Prime Millionaire Scheme Contributory Saving Scheme Laksma Puron Saving Scheme

  • 8/12/2019 Nasrin Apu


    Vision Statement

    To be the best Private Commercial Bank in Bangladesh in terms of efficiency, capital adequacy, asset

    quality, sound management and profitability having strong liquidity.

    Mission Statement

    To build Prime Bank Limited in to an efficient, market driven, customer focused institution withgood corporate governance structure.

    Continuous improvement in our business policies, procedure and efficiency through integration oftechnology at all levels.


    To carry on, transact, undertake and conduct the business of banking in all branches. To receive, borrow or to raise money on deposit, loan or otherwise upon such terms as the

    company may approve.

    To provide for safe-deposit vaults and the safe custody of valuables of all kinds. To carry on business as financiers, promoters, capitalists, financial and monitory agents,

    concessionaires and brokers.

    To act as agents for sale and purchase of any stock, shares or securities or for any othermomentary or mercantile transaction.

    To establish and open offices and branches to carry on all or any of the business abroad andwithin the country provided prior permission is obtained from Bangladesh bank.

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    Brief Profile of Court Road Moulvibazar Branch

    Name: Prime Bank

    Date of incorporation: 18th

    December 1995

    Registered Office: Court Road Moulvibazar-3200, Sylhet, Bangladesh


    Branch Manager: Md. Nazrul Islam

    Activities: General Banking, Foreign Exchange, Retail banking

    Banking Operation System: Conventional Banking

    Technology: Member of SWIFT, Online banking, TemenosT24 Software

    Total Customer: 15196

    Total Staff: 16

    Phone: (0861) 53877, 54940


    Fax Number: 88-0861-53878

    Email: [email protected]

    mailto:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]
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    Yearly (2012) Closing Position of Court Road Branch:

    Particular Amount(Taka in core)

    Deposit 218.17SME Loan 18

    Advance 49.16

    Profit/ Loss position 7.47

    Cash in hand .99

    Sonali Bank Balance .39

    Total Inland L/C Opened 8

    Last 3 years Loan position of PBL Court Road Branch

    Year Amount (Taka in Core)

    2010 44.24

    2011 56.07

    2012 49.16

    Graphical Presentation:

    Figure: (2012) Closing Position Figure: Loan Position of CRB




    (Taka in Core)








    0.99 0.39


    (Taka in Core)


    SME Loan



    Cash in hand

    Sb Bank balance

    L/C Opened

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  • 8/12/2019 Nasrin Apu


    Front Desk activities:

    Front Desk plays a vital role for handling its customer. Front desk activities include following particular:

    Customer Service:Customer service is always a very vital issue for Prime Bank Court Road Branch. There is a common

    dialogue in Prime bank which say Customers are our King. So it likes to treat its customers with a

    very outstanding manner. Front Desk is very important in a banks customer service. This happens

    gradually that a prospective client approach to a bank at first to know something, to know the facilities

    which the bank could provide customer. There are verities of client, some may be a teacher, someone is

    a doctor, and someone is businessman and may be some are students. In Court Road Branch all theprospective customers are equally valuable.

    Account Opening Department

    The main task of this section is to open different accounts, issuing cheque books, maintenance of A/C

    opening register. This department invites people to open A/C to be a client to taking service provided by

    the bank. Relation between customer and banker start with opening an account. The Prime Bank Limited

    offers the following types of accounts to its customers:

    Current account (CD A/C) Savings account (SB A/C) Short term deposit (STD A/C) Fixed deposit account (FDR A/C)Current Account:

    This is a business account. Usually this A/C is operated by the name of a business entity. These types of

    accounts are for those depositors who want to withdraw their deposit any time in the working days.

    There is no restriction in maintaining deposit. The purpose of the A/C is to meet the monetary dealings

    of a business. In current account no interest is given.

  • 8/12/2019 Nasrin Apu


    Features of Current Account:

    A Current Account can be opened with a minimum initial deposit of Tk. 1,000. CD holder can draw cheques on their accounts for any amount and any number of times in a day. Client will not get any interest on his deposited amount.

    (Source: Information from A/C register of PBL,CRB)

    Saving Account:

    Saving accounts are intended especially for the group who has the propensity to save. They have been

    compensated a fixed interest on their reserves. The main objective of this account is to promote lower

    income people to save their portion of their income for their future use. Hence there is restriction on

    withdrawals in a month. Heavy withdrawals are permitted only against prior notice.

    Features of Savings Account:

    A client need to an initial cash deposit of Tk 500. A depositor can withdraw from his Savings Bank Account twice in a week. The interest rate on SB account is 5.25%

    (Source: Information from A/C register of PBL,CRB)

    Short Term Deposit Account (STD):

    Short-term deposit or STD account opening procedure is similar to that of the current account.

    Withdraws from this type of account require a prior notice of seven days. . A STD account may be

    opened by an individual person. It is an interest bearing deposit. Interest is calculated on daily basis as

    per Banks Prescribed Rate and is credited to account on half yearly basis.


    (Source: Collected from PBL, CRB Rate sheet)

    Particulars Interest Rate

    Below Tk. 1 core 5.00%

    Tk. 1 core and above 6.00%

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    Fixed Deposit Account (FDR):

    Fixed deposit scheme should be kept for a fixed term or period. It is popularly known as Time

    Deposit. Because these deposits are not repayable on demand but they are withdraw able subject to a

    period of notice. The prospective fixed deposit holder is expected to fill up an application form

    prescribed for the purpose stating the amount and the period of deposit. The application itself contains

    the rules and regulations of the deposits including the space for specimen signature.

    Features of FDR:

    FDR allowed for one, three, six and twelve month period. Loan may be sanctioned against FDR.

    (Source: Information from A/C register of PBL,CRB)


    Period Amount Rate of Int.

    1 Month Below Tk. 50 Lac 7%

    3 Months Below Tk. 1 crore- Above 1 Crore 11.25%

    6 Months Below Tk. 1 crore- Above 1 Crore 11.25%

    1 Year & Above Below Tk. 1 crore- Above 1 Crore 11.25%

    (Source: Collected from PBL, CRB Rate sheet, circular no.03/2013)


    IN COURT ROAD BRANCH (CRB)the types of Special Purpose Deposits/Savings Schemes are:

    Double Benefit Deposit Scheme (DBDS)

    Monthly Benefit Deposit Scheme (MBDS)

    Lakhopati Deposit Scheme (LDS)

    Prime Millionaire Scheme PMS)

    Contributory Savings Scheme (CSS)

    Laksma Puron Savings Scheme (LPS)

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    Double Benefit Deposit Scheme (DBDS):

    Deposit of Tk. 10,000/- (Taka twenty five thousand) and multiplies thereof but maximum limit of Tk.

    25,00,000/- (Taka twenty-five Lac) at a time will be acceptable under the scheme. A specially designed

    Receipt shall be issued for the deposit under the Scheme in the same manner as issued in case of FDR.

    The instrument shall be issued for 06 (six) years term. At maturity after 06 (six) years double the

    amount of deposit will be paid to the depositor.

    Features of DBDS:

    Investors deposit of Tk. 10,000/- or its multiple will be double in 6 years. No benefit including interest / Profit shall be allowed for pre-mature encashment within 1 year. Encashment after 1 year of its opening, benefit shall be allowed on the deposit at normal Saving

    Deposit rate.

    (Source: Information from A/C register of PBL,CRB)

    Monthly Benefit Deposit Scheme (MBDS):

    PBL Court Road branch offers monthly income scheme to its depositor with an attractive benefits. The

    scheme is design for the benefit of the persons who intend to meet the monthly budget of their family

    from the income out of their deposit.

    Maturity Value Table:

    Tenure Monthly Benefit Per Lac Before Tax( in Tk)

    1/2 Year 1113

    3 Year 1121

    5/7 Year 1125

    10 Year 1167

    (Source: Collected from MBDS form)

    Feature of MBDS:

    A fixed amount will be added with the deposited amount after the end of each month. Loan may be sanctioned against MBDS.

    (Source: Information from A/C register of PBL,CRB)

  • 8/12/2019 Nasrin Apu


    Lakhopati Deposit Scheme (LDS):

    In a Lakhopati Deposit Scheme depositor will have to pay monthly installment into a bank and after

    completing maturity he or she will get certain amount of money. The depositor will have the option to

    choose any installment size and period at the time of opening of the account and will not be allowed to

    change the size of installment afterwards. A person can open more than one account for any size of

    installment in any branch of the Bank.

    Maturity Value Table:

    Monthly Installment ( In Taka) Tenure Amount to be paid after maturity

    250/- 15 Year 1,00,000/-

    500/- 10 Year 1,00,000/-1285/- 5 Year 1,00,000/-

    2400/- 3 Year 1,00,000/-

    (Source: Collected from LDS form)

    Feature of LDS:

    Loan may be sanctioned against MBDS. The installment shall be payable by the 8thday of every month. Advance payment of any number of

    installments is acceptable.

    (Source: Information from A/C register of PBL,CRB)

    Prime Millionaire Scheme (PMS):

    The scheme is suitable for the person who intends to deposit money for next use. Normally, by this

    account people can deposit their money for different period, after the maturity he/she will get Tk.10,

    00,000/- back. The depositor will have the option to choose any installment size at the time of opening

    of the A/C.

  • 8/12/2019 Nasrin Apu


    Maturity Value Table:

    Size of the monthly Deposit ( In Tk) Investment


    Terminal Value ( In Taka)

    12050/- 5 Year 1,000,000/-

    7500/- 7 Year 1,000,000/-4215/- 10 Year 1,000,000/-

    3015/- 12 Year 1,000,000/-

    (Source: Collected from PBL, CRB Rate sheet)

    Feature of PMS:

    The installment shall be payable by the 8 thday of every month. Advance payment of any number ofinstallments is acceptable.

    PBL CRB offer 90% Loan facility against the deposit.(Source: Information from A/C register of PBL,CRB)

    Contributory Saving Scheme (CSS):

    This is a Savings Scheme in which a person gets the opportunity to build up savings by contributing

    monthly installments and receives an attractive fixed amount at the end of a specified term. The Scheme

    is designed to help the fixed income group to save money and build up a sizable fund with which they

    can go for some income generating venture to improve the quality of their life and/or meet any future

    financial obligations.

    Feature of CSS:

    Minimum size of the monthly installment shall be Tk. 500/- and maximum size shall be Tk.25000/- The deposit shall be for a period of 5 year. Loans may be allowed up to 90% of the deposit amount against lien on the after at least 2 (two) year

    of regular payment of installment.

    (Source: Information from A/C register of PBL,CRB)

    Laksma Puron Savings Scheme (LPS):

    By this account people can deposit their money for different period, after the maturity he/she will get a

    Fixed Amount. Minimum desired amount is Tk 50,000 & maximum amount is Tk 1,000,000.

  • 8/12/2019 Nasrin Apu


    Maturity Value Table:

    SL Desired Amount at


    Installment Size

    1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year

    1 50,000 3925 1835 1140 800 598

    2 100,000 7850 3671 2280 1600 1196

    3 200,000 15699 7341 4560 3200 2391

    4 300,000 23549 11012 6840 4800 3587

    5 400,000 31398 14683 9120 6400 4783

    6 500,000 39248 18353 11400 8000 5978

    7 600,000 47097 22024 13680 9600 7174

    8 700,000 54947 25694 15960 11200 8370

    9 800,000 62796 29365 18240 12800 9565

    10 900,000 70646 33036 20520 14400 10761

    11 1,000,000 78495 36706 22799 16000 11957

    (Source: Collected from PBL, CRB Rate sheet)

    Feature of LPDS:

    Depositor(s) can avail loan facility against pledge of Deposit Receipt up to 90% of the depositedamount upon after completion of at least 1 year.

    No interest shall be paid if premature encashment take place before expiry of 1 year. In case of premature interest will be paid on normal savings account interest rate.

    (Source: Information from A/C register of PBL,CRB)

    Issue of Pay Slip:

    A pay slip is written authorization for making payment-specified person or firm payable by issuing

    branch, for a discharge liability of the bank. Mainly Pay slip is used for banks internal payment

    purpose. As pay slip is originated made payable by the bank in a receipt form there is no need for any

    application for its issue. A pay slip is issued to effect payments on account of bills payable for goods and

    services purchased or availed by it. For example, bank is required to make payment of bills for the

    purchase of furniture and fixture, for printing and stationary and for any other works done on its behalf

    by the other party on agreement with the bank.

  • 8/12/2019 Nasrin Apu


    Last 3 years Deposit position of PBL Court Road Branch:

    Last 3 years Profit position of PBL Court Road Branch:

    Graphical Presentation:

    Figure: 3 Years Deposit Position of CRB Figure: 3 years Profit Position of CRB




    (Taka in C0re)




    Year Amount (Taka in Core)2010 164

    2011 194.48

    2012 218.17

    Year Amount (Taka in Core)

    2010 3.28

    2011 6.45

    2012 7.47




    (Taka in Core)




  • 8/12/2019 Nasrin Apu


    Cheque Book Issue:

    In Court Road Branch (CRB) when a person open an account a cheque book is provide to him/her after

    4 or 5 days later. For getting this cheque book the customer should fulfill some requirement. Below

    discuss the process.

    The process of Cheque Book Issue:

    Customer will fill up the cheque requisition slip by writing down the account number, name of the

    account holder, address and signature of the account holder and present to the passing officer.

    If the owner of the account has wanted to draw a cheque book by a bearer then the beare rs signature has

    appeared on the requisition slip. And the bearer signature has been authentic by the account holder

    signature. The signature will be verified on the software. If the signature is similar then the cheque book

    serial number is posted by the officer at the computer. After that the officer prepares the cheque book

    with the account number and branch seal. The issued cheque book posted in the proper cheque book

    issue register & will receive the sign of the customer after handling the cheque book to him/ her.

    Despatch Section:

    This section is responsible for receiving the entire letter from outside of the bank and to send the entire

    letter from the bank. For this the section keeps a register book. Its also received the entire document and

    anything addressing the book. However two types of letters are continuously received in the branch.

    When the officer receives paper from outside then the officer seals on that paper received and when

    the officer sends paper to the outside of the bank then the bank seal on the paper Despatch andput his

    signature on this document.


    It is a general right for every account holder to close his or her account at any time she/he find

    inconvenient to continue. But also has some formalities. The person needs to apply to the manager of the

    specific branch mentioning the reason for the account closing also the date when he would like to close

    his/her account with 100/- account closing charge.

  • 8/12/2019 Nasrin Apu


    SWOT Analysis



  • 8/12/2019 Nasrin Apu


    SWOT Analysis:

    SWOT analysis enables an organization to have a comprehensive insight about its current position in the

    industry compared to the competitors. It is a strategic planning method used to evaluate the Strengths,

    Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats involved in a project or in a business venture. The technique is

    credited to Albert Humphrey.

    The SWOT analysis comprises of the organizations internal strength and weaknesses and external

    opportunities and threats. SWOT analysis gives an organization an insight of what they can do in future

    and how they can compete with their existing competitors. This tool is very important to identify the

    recent position of the organization relative to others, who are playing in the same field and also used in

    the strategic analysis of the organization. Below show the Prime Bank Court Road Branch strength,

    weakness, opportunity, and threat.

    It is a high profit generating branch of PBL in Sylhet region. The branch and its employees have banking experience of over 17 years. It is in a very appropriate place to attract large investors and businessmen. It has an excellent reputation. All modern banking facilities are available at Court Road Branch of PBL. Employees behaviors towards clients are very appealing. All the employees are contented with the current level of remuneration.


  • 8/12/2019 Nasrin Apu


  • 8/12/2019 Nasrin Apu



    The population of Bangladesh is continuously increasing at a rate of 7.3% per annum. The countrysgrowing population is gradually and increasingly learning to adaptation of consumer finance. As thebulk of our population is middle class, different types of products have very large and easily

    pregnable market.

    Increase in the number of private commercial bank itself suggests a potential huge market for banks inMoulvibazar.

    As the number of foreign goers is increasing in Moulvibazar, PBL, CRB Branch can collect home boundremittance by its quick service.

    To be the most efficient Bank PBL has chosen T24 of Temenos Holdings, NV Netherlands Antillesas the core banking Software (CBS) for the first time in Bangladesh.

    There is a huge opportunity of industrial advance. PBl Court Road Branch Have growth of sales volume. Change in Political environment.


    Numbers of private bank are increasing. Some Banks offering more attractive interest rate on deposits. Many foreign banks are penetrating markets by various aggressive advertising and promotional

    activities. Increase in TAX, VAT on banking services and Increase in corporate tax rate. Changes in general economic condition resulting from calamities and political disturbance. Increase the technology advancement.

  • 8/12/2019 Nasrin Apu



    Prime Bank Ltd has emerged itself as one of the most disciplined and promising banks in the

    commercial banking sector in Bangladesh. In this competitive market Prime Bank Ltd. competes not

    only with the others commercial banks but also with the public sector banks and has been able to throw

    in more positive contributing towards economic development of Bangladesh as compared to other

    banks. On the basis of previous analysis and practical experience of 3 months internship program in

    Court Road Branch (CRB), the following findings are observed during the research period:

    Today is the age of technology where computer leads every sphere of lives including banking

    activities from this sense PBL Court Road Branch does not have experts in computer.

    As this a busy branch and the load of work is high here, thats why this branch needs huge human

    labor. But compared to this, PBL Court Road Branch does not have enough employees.

    PBL Court Road Branch has enough customer in Moulvibazar, but there is only one ATM booth

    which creates harassment for customer

    To write Voucher for every transaction consumes time as well as it also kills customers time.

    How well customer is served by GB Officer is not properly monitored. As a result it is found that

    indifferent in work in GB section is not properly watched by authority.

    Junior Officers are not properly trained. As a result they have lacking in banking activities and they

    do not provide standard service PBL, Court Road Branch does not have

    PBL, Court Road Branch does not have speedy in internet facility. Because of slow internet speed,

    customer has to wait for their transaction. As a result customer dissatisfaction rate is increasing.

  • 8/12/2019 Nasrin Apu




  • 8/12/2019 Nasrin Apu



    I had the practical exposure in Prime Bank Ltd. for just twelve weeks, with my little experience in the

    bank in comparison with vast and complex banking system; it is not so easy to recommend some

    suggestion to enhance the performance level of the organization. I have observed some shortcomings

    regarding operational and other aspects of their banking. On the basis of my observation I would like to

    present the following recommendations------

    Banking is a service-oriented business. Its business quality depends on its service quality. Thatswhy the authority always should be aware about their service quality.

    The management has to think about quicker services to the customers. Like Online banking systems,though it has been introduced. But many of the employees are not expert on computer literacy. The

    management should train them effectively.

    Proper and sufficient training is required for each and every staff to upgrade the efficiency of theofficers in measuring risk and in selecting the profitable projects.

    Increase the PBLs own ATM booththat the people easily get money without waste their time.

    They have to focus on their promotional activities. Because today promotion is one of the mainweapon of attracting new customer. Many people dont have any idea about their new product and

    services. Research and development department need to be established to find out the present flaws

    and upcoming threats and opportunities as well as inventing new an easy way to provide better


    Many Branches can be opened to reach the banks services in remote area. They easily collect theirforeign money from bank.

  • 8/12/2019 Nasrin Apu


    PBL, CRB branch is a busy branch so they need to recruit more employees which help to providegood services to their customer.

    More co-ordination with local merchants is necessary to increase the distribution & usage of ATMcards.

    Their internet services should be fast that the people easily get all information which they want toknow.

    In general banking department it is necessary to implement modern banking process instead oftraditional system. It should be more computerized.

    These are the some recommendation from me, but over all service of PBL CRB are tremendously good,

    and which gives them a unique brand, most profitable, most loyal, strongest financial institutions in

    Bangladesh. Every people have some limitations. The bank is run by the people. So, the bank may have

    some limitations also for their employees. But he is the winner who can overcome these problems

    quickly and update the systems time to time.

  • 8/12/2019 Nasrin Apu



    To the gateway to practical professional life, an experience at PBL Court Road Branch as an intern wasa privilege for me. CRB does offer a real practical orientation to the new comers with typical corporate

    culture. This three months internship orientation with Prime Bank Ltd. undoubtedly will help me a lot to

    understand and cope with any future typical corporate culture.

    Prime Bank Limited provides high quality financial service/ product to contribute growth of GDP of the

    country. The bank will focus on its large customer base to generate more business from existing

    customers. They intend to maintain their market share and keep pace with their competitors. They

    carefully take their all decision and always aware about their rivals.

    In conclusion I say that because of effective overall management system gives this high achievement of

    Prime Bank Limited. General banking is that where every steps of any kind of operations maintain

    systematically. Every staffs they are doing tremendous job. Therefore in my internship I did not get any

    negative impression from the employee, from the customer, and the management team. All these things

    give the PBL the world most profitable financial institution in Bangladesh. So Prime Bank is the Bank,

    which will survive in the banking sector on the slogan A bank with Difference.

  • 8/12/2019 Nasrin Apu



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