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My experience Using LinkedIn

My experience using LinkedinWishnoebroto

HiIm Wishnoe.Im a teacher.Ive been using Linkedin since 2008 both professionally and also for educational purpose

My first impressionLinkedin is more serious than FacebookIt connects to people who has similar interestFully customizedNo ads

Why I like LinkedinPersonalSafe and practical. You can store your Resume and CV online and updated anytimeMinimal risk of phishingYou can easily share your CV or download it to PDF

ProfessionalI can share my professional thoughts freelyI can follow and get inspired by influential leaders.People can see my credentials and start building a professional network.

LinkedIn for my studentsBuilding NetworkStudents can use Linkedin to learn about current trend and connect with many similar minds in different knowledge disciplines.Building CareerLinkedin gives a picture about the current and future job market, which student should prepare for their future.

I encourage students to use Linkedin because:

Linkedin teaches student to think, behave and connect to another person professionally.Linkedin builds students self-confident to be ready to face the job market.

thank you10/15/2016