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WeHome was founded in 2009 with registered capital of $ 1,230,000.Our new ambition is focusing on home automation.and Most of Wehome Smart Home talented engineers are from India, Pakistan and China. Wehome Smart Home provides comfort, security, easy,energy efficiency, and beyond all convenience at all times, regardless of whether anyone is home. It was invented by Wehome Smart Home developers with extra ordinary ideas because its wireless systems can monitor so many aspects of daily living and they are customized globally. We strongly believe that High tech doesn’t have to mean highly complicated or difficult to use. At Wehome Smart Home, we make technology friendly and accessible. Our systems are visually intuitive and easy to use. Moreover, we want to bring tomorrow’s automation technology to your home as we specialize in a variety of home automation systems including Lighting Control, Security System Control,Audio and Video Control, HVAC Control, environment monitoring and the Ultimate Home Theater experience and most important that all are built in one product we call it Wehome Smart Home.

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