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Verbos irregulares en ingles

• A diferencia de los verbos regulares, los verbos irregulares en inglés son los verbos que están fuera de los modelos estándar de conjugación en el inglés.


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Los verbos en inglés tienen la forma básica (infinitivo), el pasado simple y el participio pasado. Para la mayoría de los verbos (verbos regulares), el pasado simple y el participio pasado se escriben igual y se crean añadiendo -ed a la forma base. Sin embargo, hay muchos verbos irregulares en el inglés, que no coinciden con este patrón.


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Arise Arose Arisen Surgir, LevantarseAwake Awoke Awoken DespertarseBe/ am, are, is Was / Were Been Ser / EstarBear Bore Borne / Born Soportar, dar a luzBeat Beat Beaten GolpearBecome Became Become Llegar a SerBegin Began Begun EmpezarBend Bent Bent DoblarBet Bet Bet ApostarBind Bound Bound Atar, encuadernarBid Bid Bid PujarBite Bit Bitten MorderBleed Bled Bled SangrarBlow Blew Blown SoplarBreak Broke Broken RomperBreed Bred Bred CriarBring Brought Brought Traer LlevarBroadcast Broadcast Broadcast RadiarBuild Built Built EdificarBurn Burnt /Burned Burnt / Burned QuemarBurst Burst Burst ReventarBuy Bought Bought Comprar

Lista de verbos irregulares MENU


Page 5: Zairapereyra2.0

Cast Cast Cast ArrojarCatch Caught Caught CogerCome Came Come VenirCost Cost Cost CostarCut Cut Cut CortarChoose Chose Chosen ElegirCling Clung Clung AgarrarseCreep Crept Crept ArrastrarseDeal Dealt Dealt TratarDig Dug Dug CavarDo (Does) Did Done HacerDraw Drew Drawn DibujarDream Dreamt / Dreamed Dreamt / Dreamed SoñarDrink Drank Drunk BeberDrive Drove Driven ConducirEat Ate Eaten ComerFall Fell Fallen CaerFeed Fed Fed AlimentarFeel Felt Felt SentirFight Fought Fought LucharFind Found Found EncontrarFlee Fled Fled HuirFly Flew Flown VolarForbid Forbade Forbidden ProhibirForget Forgot Forgotten Olvidar



Page 6: Zairapereyra2.0

Forgive Forgave Forgiven PerdonarFreeze Froze Frozen HelarGet Got Got / Gotten ObtenerGive Gave Given DarGo (Goes) Went Gone IrGrow Grew Grown CrecerGrind Ground Ground MolerHang Hung Hung ColgarHave Had Had Haber o TenerHear Heard Heard OirHide Hid Hidden OcultarHit Hit Hit GolpearHold Held Held Agarrar CelebrarHurt Hurt Hurt HerirKeep Kept Kept ConservarKnow Knew Known Saber ConocerKneel Knelt Knelt ArrodillarseKnit Knit Knit Hacer puntoLay Laid Laid PonerLead Led Led ConducirLean Leant Leant ApoyarseLeap Leapt Leapt BrincarLearn Learnt / Learned Learnt / Learned AprenderLeave Left Left Dejar



Page 7: Zairapereyra2.0

Lend Lent Lent PrestarLet Let Let PermitirLie Lay Lain EcharseLight Lit Lit EncenderLose Lost Lost PerderMake Made Made HacerMean Meant Meant SignificarMeet Met Met EncontrarMistake Mistook Mistaken EquivocarOvercome Overcame Overcome VencerPay Paid Paid PagarPut Put Put PonerRead Read Read LeerRide Rode Ridden MontarRing Rang Rung LlamarRise Rose Risen LevantarseRun Ran Run CorrerSay Said Said DecirSee Saw Seen VerSeek Sought Sought BuscarSell Sold Sold VenderSend Sent Sent EnviarSet Set Set Poner(se)Sew Sewed Sewed / Sewn CoserShake Shook Shaken SacudirShear Shore Shorn Esquilar



Page 8: Zairapereyra2.0

Shine Shone Shone BrillarShoot Shot Shot DispararShow Showed Shown MostrarShrink Shrank Shrunk EncogerseShut Shut Shut CerrarSing Sang Sung CantarSink Sank Sunk HundirSit Sat Sat SentarseSleep Slept Slept DormirSlide Slid Slid ResbalarSmell Smelt Smelt OlerSow Sowed Sowed / Sown SembrarSpeak Spoke Spoken HablarSpeed Sped Sped AcelerarSpell Spelt Spelt DeletrearSpend Spent Spent GastarSpill Spilt / Spilled Spilt / Spilled DerramarSpin Spun Spun HilarSpit Spat Spat EscupirSplit Split Split Hender / partir / rajarSpoil Spoilt / Spoiled Spoilt / Spoiled EstropearSpread Spread Spread ExtenderSpring Sprang Sprung SaltarStand Stood Stood Estar en pieSteal Stole Stolen RobarStick Stuck Stuck Pegar Engomar



Page 9: Zairapereyra2.0

Sting Stung Stung PicarStink Stank/Stunk Stunk ApestarStride Strode Stridden Dar zancadasStrike Struck Struck GolpearSwear Swore Sworn JurarSweat Sweat Sweat SudarSweep Swept Swept BarrerSwell Swelled Swollen HincharSwim Swam Swum NadarSwing Swung Swung ColumpiarseTake Took Taken CogerTeach Taught Taught EnseñarTear Tore Torn RasgarTell Told Told DecirThink Thought Thought PensarThrow Threw Thrown Arrojar TirarThrust Thrust Thrust IntroducirTread Trod Trodden Pisar, hollarUnderstand Understood Understood EntenderUndergo Underwent Undergone SufrirUndertake Undertook Undertaken EmprenderWake Woke Woken DespertarseWear Wore Worn Llevar puestoWeave Wove Woven Tejer



Page 10: Zairapereyra2.0

Weep Wept Wept LlorarWet Wet Wet MojarWin Won Won GanarWind Wound Wound EnrollarWithdraw Withdrew Withdrawn RetirarseWring Wrung Wrung TorcerWrite Wrote Written Escribir


Page 12: Zairapereyra2.0

Ejercicios• 1. He ______ his wife to the concert. (to bring)

2. She _________ alone. (to come)

3. I __________ a great time yesterday. (to have)

4. My cousins ___________ to India during the summer. (to go)

5. My sister __________beautifully when she was younger. (to sing)

6. The police __________ the thief. (to catch)

7. She________ at home all evening. (to be)

8. My friend ________ seven bottles of beer. (to drink)

9. I _________ her an email. (to write)

10. My husband __________ me flowers for my birthday. (to give)



Page 13: Zairapereyra2.0

1. He _______ his room green. (to paint)

2. The prisoners __________ last week. (to escape)

3. It __________ all day yesterday. (to rain)

4. The mechanic __________ my car. (to repair)

5. My mom _______ to a new apartment last month. (to move)

6. My brother________ everywhere for his ring. (to look)

7. She ________ at me. (to smile)

8. My grandfather ________ old bottles. (to collect)

9. They ________ to replace his computer. (to refuse)

10. I ________ at her joke. (to laugh)



Page 14: Zairapereyra2.0

1. I________ to study at 8:00 PM. (to begin)

2. She ________a big breakfast. (to eat)

3. I _______her a beautiful watch for her birthday. (to get)

4. My cousin _______ his wallet at the bar. (to lose)

5. My grandparents ________when they were both 20. (to meet)

6. She ________ me a bracelet. (to make)

7. He_______ up very early this morning. (to wake up)

8. I _______ all my money last night. (to spend)



Page 15: Zairapereyra2.0

9. They ________ me the truth. (to tell) 10. David __________ that Nancy was very pretty. (to think)

Ejercicios en linea


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