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Transcript of Event Experience Presentation

  • Event ExperienceDrive Attendee Engagement.. the Digital Way

  • What is Attendee Engagement ?Engagement is about generating satisfaction, participation, loyalty, and advocacy

    among attendees. After all, its not about us,


    Use Wi Fi & Beacons Technology to achieve engagement

  • Basic ModelFree Wi Fi Access with Cisco Meraki

    People who go to events like conferences, awards, seminars want to

    have a special day and tell their colleagues all about it on Social

    Media or through email.

    By providing free WiFi access at your venue you are enabling your attendees to do what they want to do. In exchange you gather

    information on your attendees background allowing you to

    promote the venue to an ever-growing number of people.

  • Basic ModelSplash Screen - Log in Information






    Attendees can access Free Wi Fi service by doing one of the

    following actions:

    Choose the social media network they want to login

    with (preferred LinkedIn)

    Like the venue or event facebook page

    Check-in to the venue or event through facebook

    Provide personal information (e.g. email, phone number)

    Answer a customized survey

  • Basic ModelVenue Navigation

    When attendees sign in to get wifi access a

    landing page of floor map will appear. This is a

    great way of telling your attendees where they

    are and directing them to their desired locations

    within the venue.

    With access to Cisco Meraki statistics, you can recognize

    hotspots and be alert about locations that are overcrowded

    and more prone to security breaches.

  • Basic ModelCommunication Campaigns

    You can communicate with your attendees through

    email or sms, tell them about:

    Articles or case studies published by your speakers

    relevant to the seminar/conference content.

    Communicate sale on tickets for double registration

    to your next big event.

    Date and Place for your upcoming events. Directing them

    to the registration forms.

    & many more..

  • Basic ModelReporting Event's analytics

    Visitors vs Connected people

    Engagement/Time Spent in the event

    Demographics (Male, Female, Ages etc)

    Vendor Devices and OS

    Bandwidth demands and most used apps or sites

    Participant's List using

    WiFi Login

    Electronic Draws for Prizes

    based on the List

    Evaluate your available


  • Pro ModelCisco WebEx Sessions

    Connect People across the world..

    Have a webinar or a foreign guest speaker.

    You will be connected via audio and you can share

    content from your computer which lets you see the

    same things at the same time.

    Better than Being There

  • Pro ModelReal Time Feedback, Q & A, Sponsor Exposure

    Facilitate live Q&A...without running around with a


    Give your attendees the ability for real time feedback

    during the presentations!

    Give your sponsors exposure with promo messages

    delivered to attendees!

    Allow attendees to see what questions have already been asked, and update them so the speaker will know which to answer first.

  • Event SectionRegistration, Check in, Venue map,

    Personalized Agenda, Session Polling, Live Q&A, Sponsor Notifications,

    Feedback, Game

    Session RecommendationsAccording to each attendee profile

    info and attendance history, suggest events of the same interest.

    Push NotificationCreate personalized push notification

    campaigns to communicate with attendees in real time.

    Members ProfileCreate your digital profile and get informed of your loyalty points and gifts or coupons you can redeem.

    Saved PresentationsSave your favorite material from any event and access or share it whenever you want.

    Follow SpeakersFollow your favorite speakers and get notified when and where they are going to present next.

    Enterprise ModelEvent Mobile App

  • Educate your attendees to switch on Bluetooth technology and download the event mobile app.

    Real Time Personalized Communication.

    Send Gamified content at an event for loyal members in

    order to gain points.(scratch and win, haunting treasure etc.)

    Send personalized push notification with a context related to the exact location of attendees.

    Enterprise ModelBeacons Technology

  • Before the event During the event After the event

    Smart RegistrationNetworking1-1 AppointmentsChoose Sessions

    Fast Check in Venue Navigation Personalized AgendaSponsor Exposure Session Polling Interactive contentLive Q&ALoyalty Program

    Feedback Personalized Event Follow up Session Recommendations

    Enterprise ModelSchedule your activities

  • Marketing ReportsCampaign Effectiveness

    Product Related CampaignsLoyalty Related Campaigns

    Loyalty ReportsLoyalty Members Growth

    Average Basket ValueInactive members

    Mobile Analytics

    Presence AnalyticsProximity ReportsEngagement ReportsDevices used in store

    Average Stay on mobile appTime Period on each screenExit from which screen

    Evaluating Reports


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