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Manufacturer of Fulvic and Humic Alkaline and Trace Mineral Infused Beverages

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Manufacturer of Fulvic and Humic Alkaline and Trace Mineral Infused Beverages


EarthWater promiseEarthWater, Inc. was formed in 2013, and is the manufacturer of Fulvic and Humic Alkaline Infused Beverages made of 100% natural purified water. We strive to bring you products that are not processed, Canned or Frozen. ALL NATURAL is our promise to you:NO additives

NO colors

NO sugars

NO chemicals

NO artificial ingredients


High Alkalinity

Todays Mineral content

The decline in the nutritional quality of food has been linked to production methods that result in soil degradation or the mining of soil fertilityGlobally, the Green Revolution of 80 years between (1903-1983) has resulted in the use of large amounts of petroleum based, synthetic fertilizers to increase productivityTo increase yields, a vast over application of inorganic, synthetic nitrogen has been applied to farmlandThis over application of labile, inorganic nitrogen stimulated the soil microbes and resulted in the destruction of the natural balance of carbon reserves in the soil

Fulvic & Humic minerals

EarthWater Beverages naturally contain up to 70 fulvic - humic trace minerals, trace vitamins, 18 amino acids, and an abundance of other beneficial naturally occurring organic source humic phytochemicals and constituents that are nature's way of helping your body:

A Powerful Organic Electrolyte

A Free-radical Scavenger and Antioxidant

A Natural Chelator and Pollutant Detoxifier

An Aid in Increasing NutrientBioavailability

Fulvic & Humic Reported Benefits

Produce energyBalance cell lifeCatalyze circulationIncrease enduranceStructure hormonesControl inflammationStimulate metabolismRegulate the thyroid and thymus glandsSuper-oxygenate the bloodRegulate and supercharge the immune systemImprove brain function (including memoryRevitalize libido function (desire and function)

Cleanse, neutralize and remove toxinsProtect against unnatural oxidationAcquire electrolytes and other vital elementsRepair, regenerate and restore cells (including skin and nails)Maintain optimum alkalinity (pH) levels and defend against cancer, diabetes, and other diseasesChelate Toxic or inorganic metals and chemicals, as well as essential major and trace minerals elementsAssimilare macro- and micro- elementsBreak down complex nutrients, elements, and other substances for easier absorption or eliminationFulvic acid is one of two classes of humic acidic, organic compounds found in the earths soils, rock sediments and bodies of water. Over the past several decades, weve learned a lot more about how humic substances and reported benefits:

Why Now?The best organic diets today give us only 6 to 8 of the over 60 trace minerals we need for a healthy body. Agricultural output continues to be the culprit. World wide availability of trace minerals from tired over fertilized, over tilled soil is in steep decline. The growth in immune-related disease continues to spiral upward at an accelerated rate due to a shortage of the natural trace minerals our agricultural soil once provided. We are all deficient in trace minerals even if we dont have a disease.

EarthWater BeveragesEarthWater, Inc. is the manufacturer of FulHum a Fulvic and Humic Infused Beverage and zenful a collection of fulvic infused beverages, which are made 100% in Texas, USA


Drink EarthWater BeveragesSoda Consumption Falls to 30-Year Low In The U.S.Fortune Magazine 3.2016

Consumers seek beverage alternatives to soda that they deem healthier, notably water and flavored waterThose alternatives also dont contain as many calories as sodaBottled water sales increased by 8.9 percent in 2015, and now total $14.2 billion (wholesale). In 2015, total U.S. bottled water consumption grew by 7.9 percent to 11.7 billion gallons, up from 10.87 billion gallons in 2014. In addition, per-capita consumption is up 7.1 percent in 2015, with every person in America drinking an average of 36.5 gallons of bottled water last year. IBWA.com March 2016

Bottling FacilitySouthwest Bottling Facility is where EarthWater products are are bottled, and is located in Dallas at Clifford drive and is one of the largest contact co-packers in the state of Texas. Its capabilities include distillery, liquor bottling and cold fill. An area view of the bottling facility is below.

EarthWater owns 5% of Southwest Bottling Facility.The bottling facility is over 300K+ Sq. Ft.EarthWater can produce 1M bottles of product per week, and can double or triple its capacity by adding another shifts if needed.

Fulvic and Humic Infused Alkaline and Trace Mineral Beverage

FulHum 20oz. BeverageEarthWaterwww.EarthWater.com manufactures FulHum www.FulHum.com Natures Beverage. FulHum Black in Color has up to 70 extensive trace minerals a +9pH Alkaline with naturally occurring electrolytes, antioxidants and micronutrients and the purest form of Fulvic & Humic compounds found on Planet Earth.Experience the best 100% natural trace mineral infused water, with NO additives, NO colors, NO sugars, NO chemicals, NO artificial ingredients that is also gluten free. 100% Made in TEXAS!

Stay Healthy - Drink FulHum!

Why is FulHum Black in Color?Fulvic molecules are minute yet powerful. They can permeate cells and deliver nutrients to areas of the body in need. They neutralize free radicals rendering them harmless. Humic gives the formula its black color. Humics are anti-virals. Harmful aerobic bacteria such as fecal colform, molds and yeasts cannot survive in the high alkaline environment of humics. Together, fulvic and humic balance the bodys pH levels. They deliver powerful antioxidants, natural electrolytes, and life essential trace minerals. FulHum has no coloring or preservatives

Earthwater Target Market


Fulvic Infused Alkaline and Trace Mineral Beverage

zenful 20oz. BeverageZenful Clear in Color was developed to help athletes rehydrate, refresh, and recover after exercise. Infused with the purest fulvic mineral complexes along with fruit and plant extracts chosen for their soothing effects in 4 flavors.

cucumber + mintchamomile + hibiscuslemon + lime + Cilantrojasmine + blackberry

Using natures ingredients for the good of people in order to create a healthy body and mind is at the heart of what we do.

We are proud to be 100% Made in TEXAS!

Achieve your Zen Drink zenful

Achieve your Zen100% Natural

Clear in Color

Zero Calories

Trace Minerals

Potent antioxidants & electrolytes

Efficient hydration and cell replenishment

Naturally flavored

No artificial sweeteners

Clean & refreshing flavor combinations

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